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Papua (Indonesian province)

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Map showing Papua province in Indonesia

Papua is a province of Indonesia comprising part of the western half of the island of New Guinea and nearby islands (see also Western New Guinea).

The name Papua may also refer to either the entire island of New Guinea or to the southern half of the neighboring country of Papua New Guinea. The name West Papua is preferred among nationalists who hope to separate from Indonesia and form their own country (the region was promised a referendum on independence from the Netherlands). The province was known as West Irian or Irian Barat from 1969 to 1973ā€”Irian is the Indonesian term for the island of New Guinea. It was then renamed Irian Jaya (roughly translated, "Victorious Irian") by Suharto, a name that remained in official use until 2002. During the colonial era the region was known as Dutch New Guinea or Netherlands New Guinea.

The province originally covered the entire western half of New Guinea, but in 2003, the western portion of the province, on the Bird's Head Peninsula, was made a separate province named West Irian Jaya.


Netherlands New Guinea

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Netherlands New Guinea was the official name of western New Guinea while it was a colonial possession of the Netherlands. It was commonly known as Dutch New Guinea. It is now a province of Indonesia known as Papua.

From 1898 to 1949 Dutch New Guinea was governed as part of the Dutch East Indies.

In 1949, when the rest of the Dutch East Indies became fully independent as Indonesia, the Dutch retained sovereignty over western New Guinea, and took steps to prepare it for independence as a separate country. Some five thousand teachers were flown there. The Dutch put an emphasis upon political, business, and civic skills. The first local naval cadets graduated in 1955 and the first army brigade become operational in 1956.

Elections were held across Dutch New Guinea in 1959 and an elected council officially took office on April 5, 1961, to prepare for full independence by the end of that decade. The Dutch endorsed the council's selection of a new national anthem and the Morning Star as the new national flag on December 1, 1961.

Indonesia invaded the region on December 18, 1961. After an armed conflict the territory was placed under United Nations administration in October 1962 before being transferred to Indonesia in May 1963. The territory was formally annexed by Indonesia in 1969 after a controversial plebiscite was conducted by the Indonesian military.

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